2009 Roundup


NAFTA Gets GM Corn Complaint

Lopez Obrador Pushes On

Controversial Mega-Project on Hold

Violence, Insecurity Add to Tourism Woes

Mothers of the Disappeared March Again…and Again

Border Land Battle Sizzles

Border Businesses Thrive amid Recession, Violence

Mexico’s Migrant Passage Still Deadly in 2009

Emergency Aid Donated

Indigenous Communities Battle Mega-Tourism


Femicides on the Big Screen Again

Deadly Mexicali Mystery

Protesting Mexico’s No Child Left Behind

Border City Protests Expand

Mexico Tourism: Down But Not Out

Green Beans, Child Labor ans NAFTA

Mexico in the Hot Seat

Mexico Bails out Detroit

The Kidnap Data Base Scandal

Immigrant Prisoners Stage Uprising


Biden Cool to Legalization in ’09

Stars Cast New Light on Mexico Femicides

Singing the Border Business Blues

Chihuahua Students Stiffed

Police Chiefs Want Feds to Enforce Immigration Laws

Border Ecosystems to Get Protected Status

Ciudad Juarez Militarized

Migrants Stay Put

Official Warns of Dangerous Fire Season

The Mounting Cost of Brian Drain


Showdown in Santiago

Reclaiming the Legacy of Cesar Chavez

Migrant Workers Lose out in NAFTA Nations

Taking Action on Obesity

Mexico: The Buzz over Obama

Focus on Tenn Pregnancy, Healthy Lifestyle

Checkpoints Slow Travel, Trade

Toxic Smoke on the Border

The Political Ecology of Easter and Holy Weeks

The Political Economy of Holy Week

The Lost Daughters of the Rio Grande


The Life and Death of Dr. Manuel Arroyo Galvan

Things get Rude

The “Colombianization” of Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua

Femicide in Baja California

Addiction to “Poor Man’s Cocaine” Reported Up in Mexican Border City

Booms and Busts in Border Agriculture

Historic Femicide Trial Gets Underway

Immigrant Activist Runs for Mexican Congress

Locals Fall-Out from the OAS Case


FNS Special Report: “Operation Chihuahua Plus”: A Textbook Case of Drug War Failure?

Anther Tale from Chilelandia

Year-old Legal Challenge to Border Wall Dies

Digital D-Day on the border

Mexican Credit Card Hole Gets Deeper and Deeper

Border “Colombianization” Expands


Bus Fare Hikes Anger Public

Studies Summarize Mexican Migration Patterns

A Hot and Nasty Summer Week

Remittances in Turmoil

Welcome to New Tijuana, California

New Youth Organization Founded

International Unions Escalate Mexico Solidarity

Mexico at the Crossroads: the Turbulent Race for the 2009 Congress

Coup Tests Mexico’s Refugee Policy

Remains of Long Missing Ciudad Juarez Women identified


Marry Poppins and Indiana Jones in Mexico Bronco

An Austere School year

Mexico Credit Bubble Bursts in Street Protest

NAFTA Expands as Drug War Explodes

Mexican Border Truckers Protest Higher Costs


FNS Special Report: The Battle of Santa Fe

Dissecting a Drug War

1.5 Million Immigrant Children Lack Health Insurance

The Mothers of Plaza Tijuana

Memories of Angie

Some Who Survived

Mexican Environmental Leader Killed

Will Dems, Obama Lose Immigrants?

Displaced by NAFTA, Women Workers Struggle for Stimulus Funds

Drug War Conference Convened

The Storm over Mexico’s New Attorney General

Sony Outsources Border Plant


Do Maquiladorad Herald Economic Recovery

“Dinosaur”  Resurrection on Schedule for 2012

Fox Joins Drug War Fray

Asian Investors Like TJ

FNS Special Report: The Battle of Santa Fe

1.5 Million Immigrant Children Lack Health Insurance

A Strange Development in Cross-Border Money Flows

Deindustrialization, Drugs and Recovery

Will Mexico Recuperate from the Tourism Crash?


Against the Odds, Women Workers Shake a Mountain

A Bell Tolls for Justice

Women in Black March on Cuidad Juarez

Migrant Shelter Besieged

Flames or Frost

Migrant Memories Surrounded the Day of the Dead


Inside the Border Pecan Boom

Mexican Editor Detained, Interrogated

Ester Chavez Cano Passes Away

Baja New Flashpoint in Mining Wars

Rebuilding Shattered Lives

Special Report: International Court Holds Mexico Accountable for Ciudad Juarez Femicides

Feds Tighten Guest Workers Departures

Will Government, World Respond to Border SOS?

Border Bank Hits Billion Dollar Mark

Mexican Presidential Campaign Underway… in Los Angeles

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