2010 Roundup


Justice for Guestworkers Delayed Again

Beating Back the Puerto Vallarta Blues

Drug Numbers Challenge the Pundits

Guestworkers History Project Recognized

Border, Immigrant Rights Group Respond to Haiti

“La Pepena:” Border Farm Workers on their Knees

A Private Bridge Crosses the Border

Ambassador Doubts Reform in 2010

A Border City’s High Risk Pregnancies

The Great Gouge of 2010


Farewell to a Mexican Literary Giant, Renaissance Man

New Cartel War Erupts

Timely Immigration Conference in New Mexico

FNS Special Report: The Ruins of Juarez


The Traumas of immigration Law

FNS Special Report: Immigration Reform: Calling all Battle Stations

The Border’s “Agent Orange” Controvers

Bishop Denounces Migrant Traffickers, Torturers

The Arizona Prairie Fire Spreads

“The Forgotten Border:” Richardson Expands Mexico Ties

Emergency Responders Stressed

Tijuana Human Rights Defenders Intimidated

More Refugees Head North


The Border Recovers form a Big Blow

Conservatives Back Reform

Pro-Immigrant Activists Blast Timing, Nature of Arizona Raids

A Showdown over the Dairy Farm

FNS Special Report: Rebelling Against Death in Ciudad Juarez

NIFI Comes to New Mexico

The Long Road to Chile

Violence Threatens Border Elections


From Bullets to Books

Mexico’s Other Disappeared

The Arizona Prairie Fire Spreads

Conservatives Back Reform

Election Season Opens in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

A Mothers’ Day Victory for Ciudad Juarez Women, Gender Rights

Mexico Goes for Gulf Oil


New Mexico State Takes on Immigration Issue

New Mexico Moves on BP

FNS Feature Climate Refugees and 21st Century Migration

The Mexican Revolution in El Paso

Resisting Femicide: Ciudad Juarez’s Woman of Steel

Behind Mexico’s July 4 Election Crisis

Battered Women’s Shelters Raided

Special Report: Mexico’s “Permanent” Crises

Mass Slaughter of Marine Mammals Considered

Migrant Remittances Down, Up

Colonias to Get Centennial Boost

Baja California News: Outcry Follows Migrant’s Death


Jazz “Liberates” Juarez

SB 1070 Lite?

Cosmetics Boycott Launched

Mexican Migration and World Trend

Dengue on the Loose

Ghost Towns Galore

A Plague of Water

Mexican Census Numbers and Troubles

A Mexican Political Era Ends


Immigrants: Then and Now

Mexico’s Arizona Moment

2010: The Border of Death

Reconstructing Ciudad Juarez: Nation Building on the Border?

Front Row of a Drug War

Ciudad Juarez: A New Economy?

The Social Fuse Burns Short

Let a Thousand Border Gardens Blossom


Border Power Plant Questioned

The Border’s Onion Trailers

Is the Fuse Lit? Uprising/Lynching in Chihuahua

Juarez North/ Albuquerque South

Special Report: A bicentennial of Blood, Guts, Memory and Amnesia

Border Activists Organize for the Long Haul

Migrant Dollars Lag

Climate Change in Baja California

New and Enduring Harvest Festivals


Ciudad Juarez Students Rise Up

Report: Federal Police Shoot Student Marcher

Dear FNS Readers

Carlos Slim Goes for Chihuahua Gold

Border Activists Target Dollar Store Chain

Health Care Across Borders

Mexico Farm Crisis Debated

Fighting Femicide in the Americas


The Battle for World Public Opinion

Special Report: Mexico 1910-2010

Braking the Train of Death

A Boost  for Mexican Agriculture

Saving a Mexican Ecosystem

Border Women Call Washington Hunger Strike

Labor Hits the Streets as the Clock Ticks to 2010

Climate Refugees and 21st Century Migration


Tijuana’s Changed Migration Landscape

2010: Turning Points in Chihuahua

US Senate: The Grinch that Stole Christmas 2010

Building Border Food Security

Activist Mother Gunned Down

Ciudad Juarez: Enough is Enough

Piracy: The Real Economic End Game?

A Century of Femicide

Time to Reconsider Rio Grande Management?

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