2012 Roundup


Will Migrants Matter in the Mexican Election?

The Land of the Chile Pilgrims

Third World-Style Economies Proliferate

Elections for End Times

Blues Across Borders

Super Embassy on Order

Fewer but Deadlier Border Crossings

Old Faces and Ghosts Endure in Mexican Elections

Aid Alone Won’t Solve Environmental Disaster

Mexico Democrats Mobilize for 2012 Elections


The Struggle for the Heart and Soul of a Mexican City

Fishy Border Contamination

Mexican Workers Pulverized in the 21st century

Border City Police Under Fire

Cross-Border Battery Pollution Investigated

Susana Strikes Out

Guadalajara, Guadalajara

Immigrant Workers Score Wins

Violence Batters Former Mexican Showcase


Mexican High-Tech Workers Demand Justice and Dignity.

Double Disaster Deepens in the Juarez Valley

Women in Mexican Politics

Texas and Mexico Spar over Spring Break

Chihuahua Looks to the East

Mexico Mourns a Generation

Is Ciudad Juarez Turning Around?

Border Security Outsourcing under Fire

Court Upholds Indigenous Rights

A Deadly Syndrome Stalks the Mexican Elections


Casino Meeting Scheduled

A Reminder to Teachers

Mexican Candidates Blast the Airwaves, Stir up the Social Networks

New Mexico’s Burgeoning Border Scandal

Ciudad Juarez’s Revolutionary Jewel

Fanny and 1,700 Disappeared People

Sunland Park: The Surprise that Keeps Surprising

The Victims Shall Not be Forgotten

Last Stand in Lomas de Poleo

Colorado River Activism Grows


The Winds of May Day: 2006-2012

Soccer, Mexican Politics and a Media Mogul

Mothers March on Mexico City

More Bleak News for Rio Grande Irrigators

International Bank Considers Ciudad Juarez Redevelopment Loan

The New Mexico Scandal Net Gets Bigger

Climate Havoc Crosses Borders

God, Gays, Ganja and Mexican Politics

Anti-Austerity Fight Crosses Borders

The Mexican State Goes on Trial in Ciudad Juarez


Femicide on International Trial Again

Mexico: Year of the Grasshopper

Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa to Keynote Immigration Conference

Pena Nieto or Lopez Obrador?

DREAM Relief a Game Changer?

Inside Mexico’s New Youth Rebellion

Tricks, Treats and Titillations: Mexico’s Elections in an Era of Climate and Culture Change

Mexico’s Youth Movement Forges Ahead


Ghosts Linger in the 2012 Mexican Elections

New Mexico Flood Monitoring Installed

Mexico’s Hot Political Summer

Outlook Dim for Mexican Workers

Mormons in the Borderlands

Truckin’ in Zeta Land

Public Process on Military Waste Permit

A Pecan Epitaph

The Massacre of Miners Continues

Feds Close Juarez Casinos


Mexican Truckers Stage National Protest

The Mexican Diaspora Rises

DHS Proposes “Expanded Border.”

Border Coal Battles Continue

The Deep Roots of Harvest Festival Time

States Respond to Deferred Deportation

Caravan of Peace, Cities of Death

Stop, Frisk and Demolish in Ciudad Juarez

Mexican Supreme Court Strikes Down Military Trial


Border Food Summit Convened

Migrant Deaths Jump

Traitors, Tattlers, Tourists and Terror

Occupy the Railroad: Mexico Water Conflict Flares

The Children of Sustainable Sunland

Disappearances Stalk a “Quiet” Mexican State

Las Historias Escondidas de Sunland Park

New Data Show Population, Migration Trends

Baja Youth Activist Disappears as Protests Spread

Border Bonanzas or Binational Boondoggles?


Never Forget October 2

A Harvest Of Festivals

Coffee, Culture and Recovery in Ciudad Juarez

New Mexico Immigrant Advocates Hail Court Action

The Black Berets Live On

Contraband Unlimited

Post-Election Shake-ups in Mexico

Group Calls for Border Security Oversight

Indigenous Communities Rise Up in Mexico

Borderline Slavery

The Fabulous, Frightening Fall of 2012


Mothers’ Caravan Gets Results

Citizen Uprisings Spread in Mexico

New Mexico, Border Election Highlights and Hassles

OAS Human Rights Commission Demands Protection for Activists

New Mexico Voting Trouble Update

The Rain Gods Won’t Forget Anapra

Christmas Keeps Getting Earlier

Returning Migrant Children Pose Educational Challenge

War or Peace in Mexico?

Immigration Law Video on FNS

The Skeletons in Calderon’s Closet


A New Era for Mexico, Juarez?

Used Battery Dumping Probed

A Visual Journey into the Heart and Soul of Ciudad Juarez

The Hidden Stories of Sunland Park

Red Shoes and Big Walls

A Border Planner in Hot Water

A Land of Bootstraps

The Blood of the Sierra













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