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Mexico Armed

More Mexicans are acquiring arms to defend their families and property.  According to a university researcher, the number of firearms legally possessed in Mexico increased 53 percent from 2009 to 2012, jumping from 2,033, 749 to 3,118, 592 guns. Ernesto Villanueva, researcher for the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Institute of Legal Research, based his…
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Fiefdoms of Narco Death

When Enrique Pena Nieto assumed office as Mexico’s new president in late 2012, an expectation floated in the air of a reduction in the narco-violence that marred the country during the presidency of Felipe Calderon. Yet an investigation by a Tijuana weekly contends that exactly the opposite has happened. According to the Zeta newspaper, more…
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The DVD Shootings

For the third year in a row, Mexico will hold its own version of Black Friday the weekend of November 15-17.  In brick-and-mortar stores, on the Internet and even at government museums and theaters, Mexican consumers will encounter discounts and specials as part of what has now become an annual commercial ritual. And in their…
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Border Baseball Massacre Renews War Fears

Many people in the Paso del Norte border region are asking this question: Who and what were responsible for the September 22 massacre of 10 people in the rural Chihuahua town of Loma Blanca?  Was the killing revenge meted out against members of a winning baseball team? Part of the ongoing dispute between organized criminal…
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The Corporatization of Street Dealing

A persistent narrative of narco issues south of the border maintains that violence is largely over the struggle to control drug routes leading into the dope-ridden United States, the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs.  Yet, an increasing share of Mexican narco-violence can be attributed to conflicts over domination of the country’s own expanding domestic…
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