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The Border Recovers from a Big Blow

[datebad] More than two weeks after a 7.2 earthquake struck the Baja California/Sonora border region, residents are still assessing damages, attending to emergency repairs and coping with the nerve-rattling effects of thousands of aftershocks. In Mexicali, tens of thousands of students were expected to begin returning to classes on April 19. In response to the…
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The Border’s “Agent Orange” Controversy

[datebad] In the Vietnam War, the United States sprayed vast tracts of land with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange as part of a counter-insurgency strategy aimed at removing forest cover for Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces. Although the toxic dioxin released by Agent Orange was later blamed by US veterans’ groups and Vietnamese officials…
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Emergency Responders Stressed

[baddate] A vast entity, Baja California is exposed to varied natural disasters. Earthquakes rattle the ground, wild fires scar the hills and tropical storms lash the southern coasts. Fierce winter rains trapped thousands of residents earlier this year, prompting disaster declarations for Ensenada and Playas de Rosarito. Losing their rudimentary shelters, hundreds of people, principally…
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New Cartel War Erupts

[datebad] A long-simmering conflict between drug cartels exploded into violence in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas bordering Texas last week. Shoot-outs, explosions, kidnappings and reports of large convoys with armed men freely roaming streets rattled a broad swath of the state, especially in the area stretching from Reynosa south to Matamoros known as the “Little…
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A Private Bridge Crosses the Border

[datebad] Amid much fanfare, a new bridge over the Rio Grande was christened this week between Reynosa, Tamaulipas, and Mission, Texas. Estimated to cost in the ballpark of $100 million, the Mexican-built structure will connect traffic from hundreds of maquiladora plants to destinations in the US. Opened for light traffic last month, the new Anzalduas…
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A Border City’s High Risk Pregnancies

[datebad] Despite seeing some gains in adolescent pregnancy rates, a Mexican border physician is concerned about what he considers an elevated number of high risk pregnancies and deliveries. Dr. Humberto Tanguma, assistant director of the Nuevo Laredo Women’s Hospital, said teenagers comprise a high percentage of cesarean section births attended by his institution. Of 2,000…
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Rebuilding Shattered Lives

[datebad] A group of migrant farmworkers and their relatives is attempting to pick up the pieces of their lives after a deadly crash along the Mexico-US border. Early on the morning of January 2, a bus carrying 34 agricultural laborers and family members veered off a cliff near the settlement of La Rumorosa on the…
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Asian Investors Like TJ

[datebad] An official with a Japanese manufacturing trade group gave a ringing endorsement to doing business in the Mexican border city of Tijuana this week. Joji Hiraiwa, secretary of the San Diego-based Japanese Maquiladora Association, thanked local authorities for supporting his industry during tough times, when deteriorating infrastructure and public insecurity proved challenging obstacles. “It…
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The Mothers of Plaza Tijuana

[baddate] Taking a cue from Argentina’s Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, relatives of disappeared persons staged a loud demonstration in Tijuana on Friday, September 25. Banging pots and pans, protesters gathered outside the Baja California state government building to demand answers about the whereabouts of 320 people forcibly disappeared or kidnapped. In an action that…
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Sony Outsources Border Plant

[datebad] Battered by multi-billion dollar losses, Sony Corp. has decided to outsource production at a large Tijuana factory. The Japan-based consumer electronics giant announced this week it will sell a 90 percent interest in a factory that manufactures LCD television screens to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.of Taiwan. Production at the plant will be managed…
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