From the Editor

First of all, a very heart-felt thanks to the readers who donated during our recent fundraising campaign. Your support really makes all the difference.  If 2013 was a busy year,  2014 promises to be no less action-packed.
Just a reminder that previous FNS stories can be viewed on our website at:

Articles from 2013 covered a wide range of topics. We reported on the rise of the Mexican self-defense movement;  the teacher strikes that riveted Mexico;  the controversial passage of the Pena Nieto administration’s energy reform, which yielded historic changes to the Mexican Constitution;  and the assassination of social activists in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.

Stories from the borderland included the demolition of the iconic Asarco stacks;  the fatal explosion at the Blueberry candy factory in Ciudad Juarez;  plans for drones in Tijuana; the struggle against gender violence;  and a review of the Cricket Coogler scandals that shaped New Mexico history.

FNS continued ongoing coverage of the immigration reform debate;  reported on extreme weather along the border;  examined the impacts of climate change;  and looked at many other issues that affect the lives of tens of millions of people in the greater border region and beyond.

If you missed any of these stories, you can always consult our website, which is a resource made possible in part by you, the reader.  Many wishes for a fruitful 2014!

Kent Paterson, FNS Editor

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