Juarez Violence and Arrest Patterns: Then and Now

Readers of Frontera NorteSur will be interested in a new article that probes the ups and downs of violence in Ciudad Juarez in recent years, combined with an examination of Mexican law enforcement responses and a look at the socio-economic status of areas in the Mexican border city where arrests of suspects have occurred.

Published by El Paso media outlet Newsapertree.com, the comprehensive article on Mexican security strategy is authored by Lourdes Cardenas, New Mexico State University associate professor of journalism.

Accompanied by charts, graphs and photos, the article explores the pattern of arrests based on an analysis of 1034 press releases issued by the Ciudad Juarez municipal police department from April 2012 to April 2013, when the former controversial police chief, Lt. Col. Julian Leyzaola, was still in office.

Cardenas’ article includes updated homicide and kidnapping numbers for the period from 2008 to the present,  which is a time marked by a sharp reduction in violent crimes in comparison with the past few years.

A summary of the fates of various, purported organized crime leaders is also included in the piece. Different perspectives on the patterns of violence and what the future could hold are offered by current Mexican government officials, Ciudad Juarez university researchers and local residents.

Readers can view the article at:  http://newspapertree.com/articles/2014/06/27/controlling-violence-not-drugs-becomes-key-strategy-in-juarez

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