Sanders, Vado and Border History

Sanders, Vado and Border History

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ May 21 campaign stop to the small town of Vado, New Mexico, drew thousands and comments of surprise. Many asked: Why Vado? Where the heck is the place? Located right off Interstate 10 between Las Cruces and El Paso, the community is also known as Vado-Del Cerro and is not often in the headlines.

An El Paso television reporter asked a young resident what was the last big thing that happened in Vado. “A new car wash,” retorted the woman. Yet Vado-Del Cerro possesses a rich history that encapsulates many of the immigration, economic, social, cultural and environmental issues which define the U.S-Mexico borderland. Though usually ignored in the media, Frontera NorteSur has made sure to cover Vado-Del Cerro over the years.

For historical background and contemporary concerns that provide context for understanding the community and its place in New Mexican life, interested readers are invited to check out the FNS stories about Vado-Del Cerro from 2011 listed below.


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